Post Nostalgia

by Chad Pelley

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released December 16, 2013

All Songs, instruments, and lyrics by Chad Pelley (Except most lyrics in Track 9).

"Tara, Tara, Tara" and "King of Hearts" are based on shorts stories I wrote -- "Jenny on the Run" and "A Second Look at Nothing" -- which will appear in my forthcoming collection of short fiction, Four-letter Words

* Track 9 was written for The Scope's Tribute to Lou Reed.



all rights reserved


Chad Pelley St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Chad Pelley is an author who'd rather write songs than stories.

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Track Name: Tara, Tara, Tara
Jenny’s on the run and the chopper got a gun,
hears the dog at her heel but it’s not there,
... this road won’t end.

Ran a dirty scam, now Tara’s dead,
in a red suitcase at Jenny’s feet,
like a broken doll.
Those eyes want more.

Jenny’s on the run, she’ll never get away,
the memory’s a ball and chain.
The cop is gonna come, the dog is gonna bite,
the jail is gonna hold her tight.
But no one’s gets it right, and no one’s gets it wrong,
Jenny just had to try.
Beauty ain’t lost, it’s given away,
and youth is a loaded gun.

Jenny’s been running through the woods so long
but there’s no path gonna take her home
... it’s too far gone.
Coming through the tears is another memory,
of a night in Spain in the back of a car,
when it wasn’t Tara’s head,
Between Jenny’s legs.
Track Name: I Can Be Your Dog-eared Year
I can be your chapter 1; I can be a blank white page.
So write down what you want, I’ll be your confidant,
and no one’s gonna edit me out.
I can be your ampersand; I can be your next sentence.
So put words in my mouth, fill up my speech balloon,
with all the words you wanna hear.

You can be a mystery,
the way you kiss is poetry,
that I was born to write.
I can be a Romeo,
be all the love you need to know,
when I lay lips to you.
'cause Fifty Shades are not enough,
to paint the filthy picture of,
the things I’d do to you.
The Kama Sutra doesn’t know,
what my body is gonna show,
to you tonight, my dear.

I can be the line you’ve drawn; You can cross me like a T.
So spell it out for me, that I need your company,
and you’re the only font I can read.
I can be it all my dear, I can be your dog-eared years.
To keep you coming back, to keep you looking forward,
you’ll never need a volume 2.
Track Name: Second Best is the Best I've Found
The look in your eye. Your endless sigh.
It’s been too long. Take me home.
Your shadow crawls, across these walls,
you’re everywhere I look and I can’t look away.
If we cannot touch, our eyes can talk,
on all those words I’ve said before.
And I can rewrite the way it’s been,
with one more night in my lonely bed.

It’s coming to the end, you’re crawling in my bed,
and I could never play this part.
You're looking for a friend, and crying on my chest,
and he could never dry those eyes.
You run to your second best.
I’m shouting at a wall, i’m talking to myself,
you never hear a single word.
You're body is a gun, you put it to my head,
you know that I won't say no.
Hold your smile to my throat.
Your hair is in my face, we’re throwing off the sheets,
the whole world is in this room..
You're sighing my name, you soften my bones,
so I can never walk away.
It's no way to make me stay.
My hungry hands want every inch,
of every part of you

Soak your smile. In kerosense.
Light it up. The moth will come.
Is that what you want, to own it all,
when one is not enough and you roll that ball.
I stand around, like a statue still,
your second best is the best I’ve found.
I circle the fire, and dive right in.
One more look and we’ll leave this place.

But what if there's a time, what if there's a place.
I can take you back to that just say you want it,
I can built the bridge you need to get past this.
I know that it’s wrong, but I know what you want.
I can be the wish you hid in the bottle.
Listen to your heart, you know that you'll hear me.

I could’ve walked away, and I should’ve walked away.
(But there’s nowhere but you, there’s nowhere but you.)
You put a hook in my, you hauled me from the sea
(I was a bag of gold, I was a rubber boot.)
You were fireworks, and I had all the words.
(I waited way too long. I waited way too long.)
Track Name: Been Said, Been Done
I got lost in you,
and you got lost.
I don’t need to know,
where we are.
I know I should leave.
but not right now,
I know you should go.
but not tonight.

How you gonna lie when it’s all been said?
I don’t have a line for you.
Whatchoo gonna do when it’s all been done?
I don’t have a plan for you.

I can write a book to bind you in.
I can write a song to box you in.
Nothing’s gonna change the way it’s been.
I’m playing with a hand that I can’t win.

How you gonna lie when it’s all been said?
I don’t have a line for you.
Whatchoo gonna do when it’s all been done?
I don’t have a plan for you.

Dig another hole,
and dive right in.
Track Name: Find Me Out
Find me out,
I’m no mystery.
A woman like you,
Can conquer any man.
So take what’s mine,
I give it all away.
And all my words,
will ring like poetry
your body writes
as you walk in and out of my life.

A fool learns nothing from the road he’s on.
Digs a hole and calls it home.
My frigid feet can’t walk it out.

I Bruised my knuckles on your open door.
Now my heart’s a dizzy satellite,
miles away from where I wanna be.

I told my heart,
to break this cage of bone.
To grow wings,
and find a better home.
I bite my tongue,
and let them slip away.
They’re married now
with babies on the way
You’re last in line,
you’d think I’d make a move, this time
Track Name: Love Is Not Devotion
I’m not saying that I’m your kind of man.
(But I am)
You keep trying to give my heart a chance
(why wait)
You keep sayin’ that my love is a curse
(and it is)
And I keep joking that your heart is a hurse
(kills me)
But life ain’t nothin’ until you found someone
(to die for)

Oh they say I am fool but,
wiser men have been struck dumb by you.

Love is not. Devotion. It’s a feeling / Leave your man.

I might be a fucking fool,
but I’m that fool for you.
Made your life a mess
but I will clean it up.
I know that you married him,
but things do change.
Tell it on the mountain
that started as a hill.
Love is only hard
so that you will move on.
Writing's on the wall,
and I wrote it there.
Count to three,
It’s that easy.

Not too young and not too hung I know.
But I have got a miner’s heart of gold.
(for you)
I keep wishing that your heart was a crook.
(steal mine)
I’m just sayin that life’s too short to lie.
(with him)
I keep waiting like a star too shine.
(for you)
And I don’t care that your wasting all my time,
(it’s yours)
Track Name: King of Hearts
Deal me in, reel me in,
There’s no full house where I hang my hat.
Cut the deck, cut me slack,
I miss the kid I gambled off for ...

that’ll sink my ship,
that’ll block my road,
that’ll crash my car.
never bought my soul,
it was never sold,
it was never there.
I was broke,
so I begged my boy,
and he lost his way,
and I lost my son.

An ace of spades, the jack of trades,
the king of hearts, I could have been.
My bills are stacking high, my chips are gettin’ low,
got nowhere to go, so I go all in for ...

that’ll sink my ship,
that’ll block my road,
that’ll crash my car.
never bought my soul,
it was never sold,
it was never there.
I was broke,
so I begged my kid,
who am I kidding?
I’m the debt I owe.
Track Name: An Adaptation of "Femme Fatale" *
* (This song is an adaptation of Teh Velver Underground's "Femme Fatale," with lyrics by Lou Reed, except I had to change, and add some lines to suit my adaptation of this song. It was recorded as part of The Scope's tribute to Lou Reed.)

Here she comes,
and I should know to run.
She's gonna break my heart,
she laughs to bring me down.
It's hard to see,
her eyes are blinding me.
She brings me up, just to put me down,
I’m such a clown.

'Cause everybody knows.
The things she does to please.
She's such a little tease, to me.
See the way she walks, hear the way she talks,
need her when she’s gone, away.

She wrote the book.
and I’m not supposed to look.
She plays me for a fool,
I’m a fool and i don’t care.
Her voice is in the street.
Before you start you're beat.
She's gonna to smile just to make you frown,
you’re such a clown.
Track Name: Lost You Like a Childhood
Call it like I see it,
see it like a blind man,
play the broken record.
I can sing it by heart.

Keep me like a secret,
Break me like a promise,
I am just a fortune,
spent on wanting your love.

I don’t need a reason:
God is dead and love’s blind.
The only bible I need,
is how your body moves mine.

Running out of reasons.
to trust the wish in your well.
love me like you have to,
kiss me like a need to

when I’m your castaway,
that man will sink your ship.
He’s an island that you’re on.
you’re miles away from home.
I’m everywhere but there,
the water is in my lungs.

Call it like I see it,
see it like a blind man,
held you like the wind and,
lost you like a childhood.

Spend you like a fortune,
turn you into gold and,
cash in on your body,
get rich in your bedroom.

Nights are getting longer,
days are spilling into,
deep wells that we wish in,
you’re every coin that I have.

Looking for you now in,
everyone that I meet but,
you are never in there:
they’re just a ghost to haunt me.