The Days Don't Know the Night is Cold

by Chad Pelley

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This album was entirely written and recorded in 6 days for the RPM Challenge. There is no production value, but there are nine songs.


released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Chad Pelley St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Chad Pelley is an author who'd rather write songs than stories.

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Track Name: Cold Dog Barking
I don’t wanna run,
the bullet’s in the gun,
Take a shot, take your aim,
you’ll never shoot me down.
I’m a cold dog barking, and you don’t want it, you don’t need it now.
I didn’t want to change
but nothing stays the same
I drew a line in the sand
and then the wave came
I’m the sun in your eyes, and you don’t want it, you don’t need it now.

The day don’t know the night is cold.
The dark don’t know the day is warm.
And You’ve been robbed so blind, you
won’t believe your eyes, but.
Truth don’t tell no lies, dear.
And you won’t find no truth, here.

I don’t want to say
what one of us should say
I’m a maze, I’m a road, that’ll never get you home
I’m a stone in the way, and you don’t want it, you don’t need it now.
You don’t wanna go
I never said to stay
I’m the wind on your back, the wind in your face
I’m a stray cat staying, and you don’t want it, you don’t need it now.
Track Name: Johnny Business
Johnny’s not a joking man, since ten he lived his father’s plan
of climbing up a ladder that won't end.
It doesn’t take him much to say, he cannot take another day
of watching that clock spin around.
Some nights he thinks of Sara Lee, her beauty dropped him to a knee
she said, you’re not the marrying kind.
She counted ways he let her down, she never said it with a frown
as she turned and walked herself away.

You build it up and knock it down,
you turn around and around again,
You see it clear and look away,
You line it up and shoot it down down again, again, again.

College was a Godamn bore, he studied hard and studied more
met a girl and let her get away.
He took a job that took his soul, and punching in will punch him out
His heart, fills his head with doubt.
Now Mary’s walking down the hall, she’s looking more than ten feet tall
you better untie your tongue.
There’s nothing that you shouldn’t say, ‘cause money’s not the only way
to buy, the things that you want.
Track Name: The Night is Never Young
I’ve been driving this car so long
the car is now the road.
I’ve been using you body
like a map to guide me home.
I’ve been watching them lights go green
but all I see is red.
I’ve been dragging my feet to bone
my feet won’t drag me home.

The day ...
is not that long.
The chain ...
is not that strong.
The road ...
is not that long.
The night ...
is never young.

I’ve been wishing you heard the words
that I’ve been wishing I said.
I’ve been missing the way your hands
could turn my bone to sand.
I’ve been shooting for stars so long
the sky is full of holes.
I’ve been waiting for a tide to turn
and wash my body home.
Track Name: Daw Suu Kyi
Daddy was a rebelm
fighting with the empire.
He showed her what a man is,
They shot ‘em dead for speaking out.
Her mother was a leader,
Ambassador for India.
Keep it in the family,
no one’s gonna beat it out.
Power to the people,
martial law to lock ‘em down.

Kept her locked in that house,
doesn’t mean she didn’t win.
Twenty years she counted,
Doesn’t mean she wasn’t free.
Found a book to find us,
piano by the moonlight
twenty years later,
no one knows her name at all.
Every prize we gave her,
only opened hungry eyes.
Load her up with medals
never gonna set her free.
She never had a trial
never let her try at all.
Set her free and stalked her,
bought a mob to mow her down.
twenty years and counting
ready for the light of day
But we didn’t help her
busy with the run around ...........
Cyclone tore the roof off
and left her in the dark alone.
plotting by her candlelight
she’d find a way to make it right.

Barred away her husband,
let him die a lonely man.
Couldn’t go and see him,
Wouldn’t let her kind back in.
Kept away her kids too,
Nothing that they didn’t do.
Handed her the Nobel,
She sent a kid to carry it.
Twenty years in lockdown,
No medal’s gonna bury it.
Track Name: RelationShipWreck
I’m not looking for higher road,
the one on is just fine with me,
my hands on your body in the shower in the morning,
like tactile ecstasy.
You at the table with the crossword puzzle,
eatin’ pancakes and sippin’ on tea.
There’s another world out there, I know,
it’s not the one for me.
But you need the fire we once had,
Said I feel colder every day,
anything that burned that bright was bound
to burn out in time.

But girl your cupid’s wrong.
'casue I’m the man you’ll want.
but time won’t show I’m right,
until we’ve both moved on.

The thing with wishing on a star is that,
every one of them is burning out.
Rvery wish in the well feels too far down,
when you’re standing at the top.
You took my love to the pawn shop,
sold me off like a boot you don’t want.
I’m a lazy man, but I fought for you,
looking back bitch you were no good.
Now I’m in love with every girl, getting what you never gave,
Now you’re knocking on my door, talking about a second shot.
Track Name: I Write This Song
Haunt me, taunt me, never go.
Miss me, see me, make it show.
I’ve been lost, and you’re the maze
you’re the maze.

And I’ve been missing the way you laugh,
like a donkey choking, on a carrot or ten.
And I’m still thinking of the car that night,
and how the brakes never even put up a fight.

When I get drinking, I write this song.
When I get drinking, I write this song.

On the coldest nights, when the cat shares the bed,
and I wake up thinking that you’re still here.
I tell nobody but I bar her in,
and when I close my eyes, you’re almost here.

When I get drinking, I write this song.
When I get drinking, I write this song.

I took your clothes and I threw them out.
and when the garbage truck came, I chased it down.
I wash my sheets in your bath products.
if I close my eyes, your almost here.

When I get drinking, I write this song.
When I get drinking, I write this song, again.
Track Name: Cash You In
It’s all been said and done.
I’ll do it all again.
Your body was a maze.
And I was lost in it.

I’ve been trying to find you in,
everyone that I meet.
I’ve been dying to cash you in,
they’re counterfeit.

It’s all been said and done.
I’ll say it all again.
I’ll write a language that.
will box your beauty in.
Track Name: It's Not the End of the World (it kinda is)
It’s not the end of the world (but it kind of is)
And you’re not the only girl (but you kind of are)
And we’re at the end of the line (I’ll draw one more).

You’ve got class and never show it.
I’ve got heart and you still know it.
Let’s make up and then make out. I’ll
change your mind, you’ll change it back.
Just don’t go now.

It’s not the end of the world (but it kind of is)
And I’ll find another girl (to take your place)
And she'll be the light of day (unlike you).
Track Name: Love Gets Old Like Your Favourite Song
My eyes get lost in the maze of rain on the cold window pane,
a week rolls by and I wonder why I’m waiting again.
'Cause You were just an open door to a cold empty room,
you led me and hid me here, now you won’t let me out.
I felt every step you took every mile back to him.
I wait by the window holding curtains not you.

Here She Comes KNocking on My Door Again ...

My eyes get lost in the maze of rain on the cold window pane.
A week rolls by and I wonder what I’m waiting again.
But every now and then I see light at the door,
I know you’re the brightest light these two hands can hold.
You closed the door we’re shouting through, with wasted words,
Are you cold out there with an arm on the door and a handle in your hand.

Here She Comes KNocking on My Door Again ...

(You married that man, and you owe him more
but that don’t change a thing about me and you.)
(My feet get cold as I pace the floor,
and you bruise your knuckles on an open door.)
(Love gets old like a favourite song
and you know you’re bored as you sing along.)
(You’re falling hard as it falls apart
but I can’t reach out until your hand is there.)
Track Name: [(Legitimately) Hidden Track]
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