Tick Like Time Away

by Chad Pelley

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This album was thrown together in 4 days for the 2015 RPM Challenge. Except "I'm All Yours and You're Half Mine," which is an older song I wanted to record and give a home to on a record.


released March 1, 2015

All instruments and lyrics by Chad Pelley ... who thought it'd be funny to bang out quick ballads for the many complicated relationship tensions on NBC's show, The Good Wife. The last show I binge watched



all rights reserved


Chad Pelley St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Chad Pelley is an author who'd rather write songs than stories.

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Track Name: I'm All Yours and You're Half Mine
So you know just enough to know you don’t,
know a thing about the man
lying in your bed.
Nights are long, years can spill like coffee,
leave a stain on your life,
no one sees but him.
Me or him, it doesn’t matter either way:
time will blind us both and leave you in the dark.

I’m all yours and you’re half mine.
Take another second try.

Love’s not right or wrong.
There’s no one to blame.
Every heart’s a whore.
Every one wants more.
Every bed sleeps two.
Every man wants you.

You took a vow, long before I knew your name,
long before I knew how you, blew steam from your tea.
Time turns, everything to sand, and,
love is no exception; love me while I’m stone.
Bruise your love, let me tear your world up,
trust me like a prophet: he’s not right for you.
Track Name: Oh Me, Oh You
I don't wanna find myself
I don't wanna find someone.
I don't wanna change my ways,
I don't wanna stay the same.
I don't wanna hold this gun
I don't wanna take the shot.

Oh me, oh you
We're gold, shining.

I don't wanna take some time
I don't wanna have the time
I don't wanna bite my tongue
I don't wanna say the words
I don't wanna cut you in
I don't wanna cut you out.

Oh me, oh you
We're gold, shining.
Track Name: Song for Alicia's Feelings for Will
Oh you were the saviour, oh you were the sin.
But they shot you dead before I knew you were the why
All I’ve ever known,
is I’ve known no thing
that could tear my eyes from you.

In the light of day,
you can see the way,
that the night needs more than light.

Because it’s all a lie,
no it’s half a lie,
that the truth might set you free.
Peter broke me down; Will he picked me up.
Saw a States Attorney in a ragdoll mom.
Now there’s no law for a love like this:
I don’t want you in my head, I want you in my bed
Track Name: Gone Like Days Away
hollow out my bones
crash like wind through me
blow away the doubt
that I could stand my ground
that I could stand my ground

never had to look
much further than you
to blame someone but me
for everything I want
for everything I need

be my gravity
pull and lasso me
and who am I to fight
the only thing I want
the only thing I need

blame the clock for all
blame my job for all
blame my life for all
the things that slip away
like you might slip away

took more than I had
have more than I want
what’s the math of that
but proof you’re all I want
proof you’re all I want

I want
every part of you
every inch of you
until my finger prints
are gone like time away
gone like days away

think like books are read
speak like lightning strikes
laugh like oceans swell
and wear my body down
and pick my body up

a footprint in the sand
the waves they came and went
and washed away the chance
and washed away the chance
a footprint in the sand

blame the clock for what
it can tick away
it can tock away
the chances that I had
the chance I never took.
Track Name: Tonight Tonight Tonight
I don't wanna break
and you don't wanna bend
I don't wanna run
and you don't wanna hide
I don't wanna lie
and you don't wanna whine.
I don't wanna stop
and you don't wanna stop,
so why'd you want to have me whole.

If all you want
is all of me
you have it all
tonight, tonight, tonight.
It's all the same
you look for gold
where silver paves the way.
Track Name: Islands We Don't Know
Cheater and lie
devil and a prick
let them cast a stone.
They don't know I'm more alone
than islands we don't know.
20 year, tears through vows
that I don't want to break.

Take me home
tear me up
put me back
as I was.

Father and a lie,
an easy fall guy
and I don't want to fall.
I loved her but, I needed rain,
and she felt dry as bone.
Shelter came, and so I ran
and took some cover there.