Twelve Old Tunes

by Chad Pelley

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A compilation album of sorts


released December 11, 2015

All instruments and lyrics, for better or worse, by Chad Pelley

art by Trash Riot. Go Google that.



all rights reserved


Chad Pelley St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Chad Pelley is an author who'd rather write songs than stories.

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Track Name: Your Dog-Eared Year
I can be your chapter 1. I can be a blank white page.
So write down what you want, I’ll be your confidant,
and no one’s gonna edit me out.
I can be your ampersand. I can be your next sentence.
So put words in my mouth, fill up my speech balloon,
with all the words you wanna hear

You can be a mystery
the way you kiss is poetry
that I was born to write.
I can be a Romeo
be all the love you need to know
when I lay lips to you.
Fifty shades are not enough
to paint the filthy picture of
the things I’d do to you.
The Kama Sutra doesn’t know
what my body is gonna show
to you tonight, my dear.

I can be the line you’ve drawn. You can cross me like a T.
So spell it out for me, that I need your company,
and you’re the only font I can read.
I can be it all my dear, I can be your dog-eared years.
To keep you coming back, I’ll keep you looking forward,
you’ll never need a volume 2.
Track Name: Johnny Business
Johnny’s not a joking man,
since ten he lived his father’s plan,
of climbing up a ladder that won't end.
It doesn’t take him much to say,
he cannot take another day
of watching that clock spin around.
Some nights he thinks of Sara Lee,
her beauty dropped him to a knee
she said, you’re not the marrying kind.
She counted ways he let her down,
she never said it with a frown
as she turned, and walked herself away.

You build it up and knock it down
you turn around and around again
You see it clear and look away
You line it up and shoot it down
again, again, again, again.

College was a Godamn bore,
he studied hard and studied more
met a girl and let her get away
He took a job that took his soul,
and punching in will punch him out
His heart, fills his head with doubt

Now Mary’s walking down the hall,
she’s looking more than ten feet tall
you better untie your tongue.
There’s nothing that you shouldn’t say
‘cause money’s not the only way,
to buy, the things that you want
Track Name: Cold Dog Barking
I don’t wanna run,
the bullet’s in the gun,
Take a shot, take your aim,
you’ll never shoot me down,
I’m a cold dog barking,
and you don’t want it,
you don’t need it now.
I didn’t want to change
but nothing stays the same
I drew a line in the sand
and then the wave came
I’m the sun in your eyes,
and you don’t want it,
you don’t need it now.

The days don’t know the night is cold.
The dark don’t know the day is warm.
And You’ve been robbed so blind, you
won’t believe your eyes, but,
Truth don’t tell no lies, dear.
And you won’t find no truth, here.

I don’t want to say
what one of us should say
I’m a maze, I’m a road,
that’ll never get you home
I’m a stone in the way,
and you don’t want it,
you don’t need it now.
You don’t wanna go
I never said to stay
I’m the wind on your back,
the wind in your face
I’m a stray cat staying,
and you don’t want it,
you don’t need it now.
Track Name: I'm All Yours and You're Half Mine
So you know, just enough to know you don’t,
know a thing about the man lying in your bed.
Nights are long, years can spill like coffee,
leave a stain on your life, no one sees but him.
Me or him, it doesn’t matter either way:
time will blind us both and leave you in the dark

I’m all yours and you’re half mine.
Take another second try.

Love’s not right or wrong.
There’s no one to blame.
Every heart’s a whore.
Every one wants more.
Every bed sleeps two.
Every man wants you.

You took a vow, long before I knew your name,
long before I knew how you, blew steam from your tea.
Time turns, everything to sand, and,
love is no exception; love me while I’m stone.
Bruise your love, let me tear your world up,
trust me like a prophet: he’s not right for you.
Track Name: I Built Rome in a Day
Every word I ever write, I never set in stone,
and every road I’ve ever known, could never take me home.
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.
Her blue eyes are wishing wells, and I’ve been going broke.
I pace around, staring down, my words go up in smoke.
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.
I hung a wish on every star, I think I shot too far.
The sky is full of shit I want, shinning down on me
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.

All I want is a wall to write on, a promise I won’t break myself.
I’ve been hunting nothing so long, the target is taking shots at me.
Wind me up and spin me ‘round and take me home and hold me down.

I don’t know what you’ve been told, but I’ve been fed a lie.
I wash it down with cheap red wine, in vino veritas
but I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.
Every song I never write will always sound the same.
Every Book I never write, Will call me by my name.
but I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.
All I want’s a fortune told, than I will never know,
I build the walls that box me in, and whine by my window.
but I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.

I begged and then I chose
I scare the crow myself
Absence makes me fond, and the glitter’s only half gold.
I played the part in Rome
I’ve grabbed a bull by horns
I cry just like a sheep, then I kill the wolf when it comes.
... I built Rome in a day, and I stole that page from your book.
Track Name: The Sparrow and the Perch
Call like a crow
no one could know
... what you’ve been thinking.
It cuts to the bone
won’t leave you alone
... and oh, you, want it.
The sun’s been shining
where you’ve been hiding.

I know that you’re the sparrow,
I know that I’m the perch.
I know that you’re the fortune,
I know he got there first
I know he spent you good and,
I know you’re feeling broke.
I know you need some change now,
I know I need some too.
But honey I’m not your bank
I know the night is coming,
I know the day is through.
I want the world to spin, and,
you want the world to stop.
You want your stones to float and,
you run the river dry.
You run the river dry.

The tick of the clock
is taking your stock
... there's no sense lying.
You call and I come,
I'm restless or dumb
... own me, only.
Kiss like a crook,
and take what you want,
the night is coming,
the sun’s been shining,
where you’ve been hiding.

You gave me what I need. But I need it again.
A night was night not enough. To not need you again.
You’re fireworks for me. A fickle spark for him.
Track Name: The Night is Never Young
I’ve been driving this car so long,the car is now the road.
I’ve been using you body like a map to guide me home.
I’ve been watching them lights go green, but all I see is red.
I’ve been dragging my feet to bone, my feet won’t drag me home.

The day ...
is not that long.
The chain ...
is not that strong.
The road ...
is not that long.
The night ...
is never young.

I’ve been wishing you heard the words, that I’ve been wishing I said.
I’ve been missing the way your hands could turn my bone to sand.
I’ve been shooting for stars so long the sky is full of holes.
I’ve been waiting for a tide to turn and wash my body home.
Track Name: Jenny on the Run
Jenny’s on the run and the chopper got a gun,
hears the dog at her heel but it’s not there,
... this road won’t end.
Ran a dirty scam, now Tara’s dead,
in a red suitcase at Jenny’s feet,
like a broken doll.
Those eyes want more.

Now Jenny’s on the run, she’ll never get away,
the memory’s a ball and chain.
The cops are gonna come, the dogs are gonna bite,
the jail is gonna hold her tight.
But no one’s gets it right, and now one’s gets it wrong,
Jenny just had to try.
Beauty ain’t lost, it’s given away,
and youth is a loaded gun.

Jenny’s been running through the woods so long
but there’s no path gonna take her home
... it’s too far gone.
Coming through the tears is another memory,
of a night in Spain in the back of a car,
when it wasn’t Tara’s head
Between Jenny’s legs.
Track Name: Song for Alicia's Feelings for Will
SPOLIER: THis Song is about NBC's THe Good Wife

Oh you were the saviour, oh you were the sin.
But the shot you dead before I knew you were the why
All I’ve ever known
is that I’ve known no thing
that could tear my eyes from you.
In the light of day
you can see the way
that the night needs more than light.
Because it’s all a lie
no it’s half a lie
that the truth might set you free
Peter broke me down; Will he picked me up,
made a States Attorney from ragdoll mom.
Now there’s no law for a love like this.
I don’t want you in my head, I want you in my bed
Track Name: Oh Me, Oh You
I don't wanna find myself, I don't wanna find someone.
I don't wanna change my ways, I don't wanna stay the same.
I don't wanna hold this gun, I don't wanna take the shot.

Oh me, Oh You.
We're gold, shining.

I don't don't wanna take some time, I don't wanna have the time.
I don't wanna bite my tongue, I don't wanna say the words.
I don't wanna cut you in, I don't wanna cut you out.

Oh me, Oh You.
We're gold, shining.
Track Name: Prancer the Black-nosed Reindeer
Ho Ho Ho
I'm off to go spend Christmas Eve with flying fauna
saddled up with my dear Donna now.

Willie Nelson wasn't wrong,
it was Dasher all along
who ran down his nan, on a Christmas eve,
and gave us that country song.
Rudolph has the shiny nose,
but Donna has a heart that glows
can't figure it out, why the nose got the song,
we've been superficial way too long.

Christmas songs are funny things
all cheery tunes or religious hymns.
Let me sing you one true song.

Take back all the gifts you're giving
trade them in for hugs and kissing
find someone to make your sleigh bell ring.
Line them up with mistletoe,
and kiss them like a movie's filming,
every script that's worth a silver screen.
Donna is the one for me
the angel on my Christmas tree
her rack is like, the Northern Star at night.

Frosty is a puddle now,
the drummer boy is all grown up.
But they put it in a song, so that we could sing along:
Christmas is some deadly gear.
THe elves were a fairy tale
and we three kings were never real.
But anything that's true, is right in front of you
365 days a year.