Kick Me I'm Down

by Chad Pelley

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Written and recorded at home in 2 weeks for the 2017 RPM Challenge.


released March 1, 2017

That's Sharleen Simmons on trumpet and accordion on tracks 1,2, and 8 (plus sax and vocals on track 2), and Natasha Blackwood was roped into playing tenor sax on track 1 when she came to visit Sharleen. Thanks!



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Chad Pelley St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Chad Pelley is an author who'd rather write songs than stories.

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Track Name: You Can't Burn the Devil in a Fire
The cop beat a black because he wanted to
Your kid took a gun, and he shot up the school
now you can't slip your foot into the other shoe.

The president's a liar but we're listening
because the media's too broke to break the stories we need.

You can't burn the devil in a fire (x4)
They can't set a fire to us all.

Ignorance is bliss until it starts a war
the devil's in the details and they're locked in a drawer
and the truth is too long to matter anymore

It's a 2-way terror, hold the mirror up,
they'll dumb you down until you're trained like a pup.
Track Name: Love Goes Blind
You wipe the windshield with your mitt
You never close the garbage lid
(I'm driving blind / The Windshield's fine)

you never change the litterbox,
you won't commit aboutthe dog
(I need some time, you took some time)

You never rinse your dishes clean,
your beard hair's in my sink again
(you got me there / I'm in the clear)

But I don't Care, and I don't mind.
'Cause love goes blind, and we're best kind.
I'd walk the line into a ring of fire.

You're globbing up the toothpaste,
you stole half of my closet space
(I'm a sweater man / I miss my skirts)

You set your clock and snooze too long
your morning voice is way too strong
(it's 6 am, go back to bed)

You steal my socks and favourite shirts
your tapping gets on all my nerves
(It's who I am, don't changea thing
Track Name: Bury Me with the Hatchet
We've never met, but you know me.
I'm Hitler's spawn on your front lawn.
Break my halo, hand me horns.
Prop it up on my crown of thorns.

Break my halo, and paint me red,
I never meant the words that you said.
Hang me dry, I'll hang my head,
you buried me, with the hatchet.

I'm dead to you, so drive my hurse.
It beats the truth to think the worst.
You're so bright, you almost shine
fuck context, drop the dime.
Track Name: Take Your Time and Mine
It spun you 'round, right back around,
until you hit the ground, waiting to be found.

It crossed my mind, when you crossed the line,
to question what we were.

So take your time, and if you want to,
come take mine.
Truth is wine,
and we can drink it til we're blind.
Cross the line,
you know it never was a wall.

If love is blind, then the mind has eyes,
the will has teeth, and yours tore into me.

I tried to try, but it would be a lie,
to say I'm doing fine, your body was a hurse.
Track Name: You Bee's Knee
My west coast woman is the best kind,
she can fix the dryer when the engine's fried.
She's kills it in the kitchen like a samurai,
she don't need a joint, to get me high.

I'm half of what,
you could have got,
so thanks a lot,
for settlle-ing,
you bee's knee.

We crush the crossword every time,
and you blow that trumpet like you blow my mind.
Do Re Do Me,
again and again,
I drink you up like a bottle of gin.
I'd bite a shark or I'd tame a zoo,
to lay in bed watchin' Netflix with you.
Track Name: Bob The Cat's Song
I can shit inside and
he will clean it up I
guess I got it made again.

I used to sleep in the streets
now I sleep in down sheets
Duckworth better know my name.

I called it all, with a crystal ball
as cloudy as the bay.
I kept dreaming up some better place,
and now I'm waking up in it.
I lost face, and I lost teeth,
I ate street meat off of the street,
now I'm licking my wounds ... and duck pate.

I'm falling off the deep end,
I need it like the weekend,
scratch under my chin again.

He treats me to the good stuff,
and never serves me Whiskas,
Venison in pea puree.
Track Name: Bullet Was a Butterfly
You took a shot but the bullet was a butterfly
No one's lookin when your mind hits the bullseye
you bit your tongue and missed the words on the tip of it.

Wanna shout but the words weigh your tongue down
you got lost and the cost was your hometown.
Wanna run but the road led you back home.

Wanna fight but your gut threw the towel in
And your words are inert, no one's listenin.
Swing a fist, what you miss is your enemy.
Track Name: Love Song for Editors
All my days just tick and tocked away.
Deadlines killed tomorrows for today
Good things came, but life held them at bay,
in she came to put me in my place.

Open up,
let me in,
shut your door.

3 years in I needed somethign more,
that's when she came knocking on my door
I dropped my guard like clothes upon her floor,
and jumped right in cause she's worth drowning for
Track Name: Beat the Horse, Beat the Drum
You can need it like a closing line,
you can shout it liek a pantomine

Beat the horse beat the drum
this ain't over til it's done,
you can wage another war,
you can settle up the score,
keep em comin back for more.
No one cares what you wnt,
no one's taking what you got,
you get lost in the plot.
... you better find a foe.

You can touch it like a silhouette,
you can hear it but it's not there yet.

And it's never gonna come
(climb the walls and fall again)
Bite the bullet, bite your tongue
(strain the blood and find a line)
You're the fist, not the bruise
(every scar is proof we lose)
In this fight, you'll lose.

You can shoot it liek an open sky,
you can wake it like a dream at night.
You can kill it like a ghost, again.
Bite your tongue, don't lie.

You're the echo, not the park
(find the pack and pack it in)
You're the tree and not the park
(nothing here's because of you)
Paint your red hand black
(it's just the past, the past is gone)
Let it dry, again.
Track Name: ------ Outro Hindsight
you know, Sometimes you gotta prepare.