Things Changed

by Chad Pelley

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" 11 fully-realized acoustic tracks with rich lyrics and dreamy vocals all peppered with inventive instrumentation." - Erin Power, The Scope


released March 1, 2013

All instruments, and recordings, by Chad Pelley



all rights reserved


Chad Pelley St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Chad Pelley is an author who'd rather write songs than stories.

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Track Name: I Built Rome in a Day
Every road I’ve ever known,
would never take me home.
And every word I ever wrote
was never set in stone.
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.

Her two eyes are wishing wells,
and I’ve been going broke.
All I want’s a fortune told,
that I will never know.
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.

I hung a wish on every star,
I think I shot too far.
Now the sky is full of things I want,
shinning down on me
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.

All I want’s a wall to write on
a promise I won’t break myself
I’ve been hunting nothing so long
the target is taking shots at me.
Wind me up and spin me ‘round
and take me home and hold me down.

I don’t know what you’ve been told,
but I’ve been fed a lie
I wash it down with cheap red wine,
in vino veritas
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.

I hate this this town, I love this town,
I got nowhere to be
Montreal or Italy might be the place for me.
But I'm not ready to go, no, I'm not ready to go.

Every song I never write will always sound the same.
Every Book I never write, Will call me by my name.
But I'm not ready to go, no, I'm not ready to go.

It’s in my bone, to need you more
than a heart could need a home
Your two eyes are wishing wells
and I’ve been going broke
‘Cause I’m not ready to go, no, I’m not ready to go.

I begged and then I chose
I scare the crow myself
Absence makes me fond, and my glitter’s only half gold.
I played the part in Rome
I’ve grabbed a bull by horns
I cry just like a sheep, then I kill the wolf when it comes.
... I built Rome in a day , and I stole that page from your book.
Track Name: Proof I'm Here
And I will kiss the whiskey out of your mouth,
and chase away what it can’t wash down.
I won’t need more than another night to,
prove the ghost that haunts you is still alive.
Memory will never buy back want you want
and the well you’re at, is waiting for a wish.
I'm the one drinking up your words
like a desert dry, or an endless book.
Keep me here,
when morning comes.

I missed another turn and got lost, you,
found me like a coin that you kept, to,
buy yourself a second shot at love.
But look at what it’s cost us both,
I’m spent and your heart is broke, so,
light another candle now for us.
Time is a bitter thing, a thief with no gold to sell,
just dreams that nobody wants but us.
It’s easier to contemplate, when it’s ten years too late,
what a kiss on your pretty face, could change.
A moth in a feral wind, a kiss with no fist to find,
a face with no lies to hide behind.
I pull on the line you’re on, it tears through me like a knife
but blood is the only proof I’m here.

I don’t want to be the reason that you’re crying,
but the tears you’re shedding only prove this is right.
So tear those clothes from your gold-dug body,
and let me show you what a new man sees.
I don’t want to hear you blaming yourself for
for ticking clocks, and what they take away.
Change will come, like a thief in the night,
for every one, you’re not alone in that.
Keep me here
when the morning comes.
Track Name: The Sparrow and the Perch
Call like a crow,
no one could know
... what you’ve been thinking.
Cuts to the bone,
won’t leave you alone
... but oh, you, want it.
The sun’s been shining,
where you’ve been hiding.

I know that you’re the sparrow,
I know that I’m the perch.
I know that you’re the fortune,
I know he got there first
I know he spent you good and,
I know you’re feeling broke.
I know you need some change now,
I know I need some too.
...But honey I’m not your bank.
I know the night is coming,
I know the day is through.
I want the world to spin, and,
you want the world to stop.
You want your stones to float and,
you run the river dry.
...You run the river dry.

Tick of the clock,
taking your stock.
... No sense lying.
call and I come,
restless or dumb.
... Own me, only.
Kiss like a crook,
take what you want.
...The night is coming.
The sun’s been shining.
Where you’ve been hiding.

You gave me what I want. But I need it again.
A night was night not enough. To not need you again
You’re fireworks for me. A fickle spark for him
Track Name: Shark Can't Bite
I’m not tryin’ cause I don’t wanna know
why the love you got on the end of that line is mine.
I’ve been dizzy as a desperate clown, the joke’s on me
I’m still in love with you.

A heart can break, a dozen times,
and you’re my number 12.
It don’t add up, I did you wrong,
I’d do it all again.
Love is not blind, it’s got eagle eyes,
but change will bait it’s hook.
You rung my bones. You struck my gold
And I just walked away.

I don’t swim, where a shark can’t bite,
I want the thrill, I want to fight for you.
I quit digging ‘cause I don’t wanna know,
that the gold we dug was a pyrite pile of shit.
Fill my bed with a lonely girl,
if I close my eyes she’s almost not quite you.
Morning comes like a wake-up call
the sun pours through the curtains that you bought.
Track Name: Song Against the Working Week
Send the kids to school,
So they can grow up a fool just like me and you.
I give my days away,
Clockin’ in to somebody else’s dream.
Now every day’s the same,
and my sorry soul’s been bouncing off of the walls.
How’m I supposed to be,
the man I am when half of my time is not mine.

I’m not bitching for an better life, but
there’s 7 days why do I get 2?
It’s always Monday morning and more nine than five,
It’s Monday morning every day of my life.
Looking in the mirror going bald getting old,
a starving artist till my feet got cold
I’m 32, where’s the kid, where’s the wife,
where’s the trip to Italy and the Giller Prize?

I’m getting old, too old for this.
You can’t chase a dream in the modern world.
It’s a ghost that you know but you’ll never hold.
How’m I gonna, How’m I gonna, How’m I gonna ...

They called me lazy and they knew I was broke,
from the inside looking out, that’s quite a joke.
But I took the job and sold my soul for sixty grand,
and I’m not happier now with this money in hand.
We’re all buried deep, in the bills at our feet,
and we’re going broke at a wish well.
Working so hard until we go blind
I forget about the life I was trying to find.

I’m getting old, too old for this.
You can’t chase a dream in the modern world.
It’s a ghost that you know but you’ll never hold.
How’m I gonna, How’m I gonna, How’m I gonna ...
Track Name: Robbed of Nothing
Glide my hands
along your body,
read you like
the truest story,
I can’t write.
Oh I Try.
Crash my eyes
into your eyes, and
drown myself in
promises, I can’t keep.

Oh you wanna know why,
I cower like a solider,
from all these words we’re sharing.
It’s ‘cause I know what’s coming.

A solider learns that no one wins.
but we still fight till blood runs red.
And washes time of every stain.
So you can’t tell us we were

Oh I know I’ll miss you.
But you’ve been robbed of nothing.
I’m every promise, broken,
by words I’ve left unspoken.

Oh I know I wait too long.
I bite my tongue so blood can show,
more than words could ever write,
about your body playing mine.
Track Name: Whiter than a Lie
I’m ... not your Alamo; we never fought that hard.
I’m ... whiter than a lie; a place where you can hide.
You ... leave me here alone; a fossil in a stone.
I ... need to carry on; but you’re where I would
(I've been here 100 times, and I have paid for half my crimes.)

Oh the night, can hide us still,
but daylight comes and shadows run.
We lose the plot. We turn the page.
We can’t rewrite what lines we cross.
All my life. I tried to find.
The things you hide behind those eyes.
‘Cause Life is short. But good things last.
And every contradiction’s true.
Like Love is blind. But finds a way.
We can’t climb back from where we fall.

I’m ... not the plane you’re on; the ground is at your feet.
I’m ... not our crystal ball; the future’s here and gone.
I’m ... not the car you drive; to leave it all behind.
I’m ... just the man you call; to forget what you
(I've been here 100 times, and I have paid for halgf my crimes.)
Track Name: Shoot the Messenger
I’ve been miserable, I’ve been wonderful,
I’ve been everything you want.
I’m the bet you made, I’m the card you played,
better count your money good.
I’m, the gold you sold, I’m the lie you told,
I’m the dog you never walk.
I’ve been in your head, I’ve been in your bed,
I’ve been everywhere but here.

Donna don’t you want this song,
Donna don’t you need this song,
Donna don’t you want to sing along.
Found you like an open book,
never took a second look,
You were every word I’d write.
I don’t need a mystery,
you were just the plot for me,
I was only playing half my part.
Saw it in your big brown eyes,
Felt it in your whiskey kiss,
I was never something you would miss.

I’m the house you haunt, you’re the ghost I want,
better dead than not alive.
Cut the puppet string, find your way again,
I’ll be here to tie you up
I’m the game you played, I’m the mess you made,
shoot the messenger again.
Wanna crawl inside , wanna find you out,
wanna guide you back to me.
Track Name: Draggin' My Feet to Bone
I’ve been sleeping in an endless bed,
with thoughts of you again.
It haunts you more,
when the ghost you know,
is still alive and well.
See I’ve been desperate for a girl like you,
to knock some sense in me.
But I’ve been dragging my feet to bone,
cause I don’t know the way.

No-oh, I ... Don’t Try.
‘Cause I have learned that love will hide the lie.
No, I Don’t try,
The well is dry, the wish ain’t down inside

I’ve been knocking on an open door,
my knuckle’s down to bone.
I keep you waiting like a flower bed,
hidden deep in snow.
I’ve been desperate as a pantomime,
to show you what I want.
But you can’t hear what I never say
the words just slip, away.
Track Name: Fever Dream Song for Ryan
I was born the day that my mother died.
I took her life, she gave me mine, my father said.
He hated me, and combs the shore, where she was born.
She’s never there, she’s in my bone, I’m her tombstone.

Ooo oh Ooo Oh.
Ooo oh Ooo Oh.

Standing there, aboard the shore, he won’t find me.
I left him there, like wreckage long, washed ashore.
A tidal wave, an undertow, will drag me down.
But I won’t drown, and I’ll be found, in my mother’s arms.

I’m your son, I’m half your wife, but you couldn’t love me?
I met her in a dream she whispered softly:
there’s one way to meet me.
So I will be a ghost, and jump off this coast, one way to find her.
A phantom family is better than this one:
no one there to haunt me.
I’m your son I’m half of your wife now,
Daddy don’t you want me?